By on August 11, 2017


Copper tubing, copper sheet, insulated or bare copper wire, stainless steel, brass, brass turnings, brass faucets, brass slag, EDM wire, automobile radiators, heater cores, catalytic convertors, aluminum cans, aluminum window frames, aluminum wheels, aluminum chairs, aluminum siding, aluminum utensils, aluminum sheet, aluminum pistons, transmissions, aluminum extrusions, aluminum turnings, magnesium, magnesium dock plates, nickel, CNC inserts, and metallic skimmings, grindings and dusts

ISA Recycling processes non-ferrous metals by sorting, shearing, baling and shredding. Mixed metals are carefully separated by hydraulic trimming shears to assure contaminated materials are removed. MLC, painted siding, extrusions and siding, as well as insulated copper wire, CATV, ACSR, aluminum/copper radiators, all aluminum radiators and old sheet aluminum are baled in a high-speed automatic baler. Cast aluminum is segregated into new, clean and mixed grades.